Monday, 18 February 2013


Things in my life are changing and I have decided that I am going to make the most out of the changes and really focus on things I love.

I love to write and my blog is turning into a real asset, joy, outlet, hobby. So it is because of this that I have created a new blog where I can be more specific about a subject/area I am very much interested in. If you can’t guess from the title, this is a blog about health and fitness!
I have various reasons for this being a subject I am passionate about but it factors into my everyday life so it makes sense for me to take more of an interest in it.

My family, myself and my older brother specifically, have always suffered from problems with our stomachs. As I have gotten older it has gotten worse, I was diagnosed (makes it sound so much worse than it is!!) with IBS at around 19 and have never found any relief from it. Now if you are a sufferer of IBS you will know that it is so broad that two people with IBS will not have the same symptoms, be troubled by the same problems or have the same reaction to treatments. It is a very frustrating thing to have as it is sort of brushed off by Dr’s without any real research into it.
When I was told I had IBS I left the Dr’s feeling like I finally had an answer and things would get better, they didn’t. I went back on various occasions to be given different remedies that never worked, had 8 blood tests in a day with no results, was told to do a food diary for two weeks that the Dr didn’t even check and was told I needed to go to a specialist. Luckily I have private health care through work as if I hadn’t I would have been very upset to have paid for a gastroenterologist that told me I was constipated and needed to eat breakfast in the morning..... That was all. I have eaten breakfast every day since that appointment and nothing has changed in regards to my stomach issues.  

I am not claiming here that IBS is really bad and I am suffering loads but I have a stomach ache of some sort every single day. It isn’t comfortable and would be so nice not to have to deal with it all the time!

So far in my search to help myself I have worked out that I can’t eat broccoli, baked beans, cucumber and probably dairy (though I am finding that very hard to cut out completely as I LOVE CHEESE). I also have figured out that working out really helps, it helps my sleep and my stomach. It eases my headaches and gives me energy. That is why I love going to the gym, running and trying new types of exercise!

So this blog will just be advice, information I gather and just general things I am enjoying in the way of fitness and nutrition.

Let me start with a little saying I tell myself to get my butt to the gym when I just don’t feel like it:
‘You will regret it if you don’t’ – that is all. If you go to the gym it is very unlikely that you will regret it afterwards (maybe during but not afterwards) but if you don’t you will most likely feel like you should have.... won’t work for everyone but definitely works for me! J


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