Tuesday, 19 March 2013


For years I have wanted to find a hobby that I actually stuck to and looked forward to. My husband has football at least 3 nights a week and I never understood how he got the motivation to go week in week out without fail. Now I understand.

Years ago I saw some footage of a P!nk concert and she was doing some crazy acrobatic stuff and I thought it looked amazing. Since then I have been looking for somewhere that teaches ‘Ariel Hoop’ classes. I was told that a class was opening up close to where I live and so I looked into it. Unfortunately I procrastinated just enough to let the class get full before I could sign up but was talked into trying ‘Pole Dancing’ at the same place instead. 

I have been going to Pole class for 5 weeks now and have been to Ariel Hoop twice. I am hooked! I look forward to every Monday and getting back to Pole class and trying new things. The girls that go are so much fun and really nice and Gemma, our teacher, is brilliant. Every week you do more than you thought you could and it feels like such an achievement. I would recommend taking a look at her site and giving Pole a go, it is fun but you work hard.

Hoop is completely different to Pole. It is harder and I am not finding I take to it as well as Pole but I still love it as it is a challenge. I go to Hoop alone but the girls are so friendly it is fine. My second week we were taking pictures of each other and when you finally manage to do a tricky move everyone is so happy for you. There is no jealousy, no bitchiness and it is just a really nice atmosphere.

For me, like most people, starting something new is scary especially if you are going alone but I went to that first Hoop class on my own without hesitation and that is how I knew I was really interested in it. I was always someone who would quit something I really enjoyed if the person I did it with quit. I have never been independent and always thought of myself as a ‘quitter’. I now know that I can do things alone and I won’t get laughed at or be looked at as weird and it is a great feeling. I feel excited about things to come and progressing in my classes. Not sure if this is corny or not but I feel like I have a new lease of life - I feel really happy.

Next for me is a ‘make me bendy’ workshop that works on flexibility and a ‘Pole Aria’ workshop that is Silks and Pole combined. I am so excited to start all these new things, I love that I am doing something fun and different that is also a workout and helping improve my fitness. 

I knew I'd find a hobby I love, I didn't know I'd find two and possibly more! :)


Ps this is me in my second 'hoop' class

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